Molas Lake, CO

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 Bus-Stead Tour - Anchor Page

      This page is the access portal to all the information we've been compiling on the Bus-Stead Tour. Content here is no longer being updated. It remains here for reference only. Basically we bailed out of NJ on 9/27/2008 owing to a variety of factors. It was time to go. Getting to where we could finally push the eject button took about 5 years of planning, figuring, soul searching and contemplating the truth in life. Putting the package together and making those irreversible decisions took more guts than expected. Lots of worries, second thoughts and sleepless nights accompanied us as we moved through the process. Reactions from others ran the gammit of enthusiasm to stares in disbelief. We set reasonable goals, researched everything, planned meticulously, worked hard and stayed the course. Luckily for us things fell into place. The transition to a mobile lifestyle has been surprisingly easy for us but it isn't without challenges and adjustments. The learning curve is also extremely steep and error penalties can be high, dangerous and expensive. Traveling is the best way to put things into perspective and we've been fortunate to be able to see many interesting places. This isn't a profound statement of freedom or a rebellion. It's just our story and yet another take on getting through the maze. The internet has been (and still is) an invaluable source of information. I hope this site puts something back for others to benefit from. Through this site I hope you can travel with us and learn some interesting things that help you move towards your own destiny. As for motorcoaches, expect a lot of maintenance. We traveled safely for 25k miles and never came coasting to the road side. Keeping the rig up and running was a constant challenge. At times it spoiled the enjoyment of traveling. You'll find a lot of details on repairs HERE.

2006 Country Coach Allure 430 (40 foot)