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For Friends & Fellow Travelers:

 Thanks for visiting the Legacy Travel Page - Here and within you'll find lots of interesting tid bits of information which I hope inspires and entertains. This site is work in progress so content is being added as it becomes available. It's dedicated to reaching folks that find this type of lifestyle interesting. Clearly it isn't for everyone. Information is presented as articles, pictures and video which chronicles our travels and activities. Traveling full time, as we are doing, has been a humbling experience. The knowledge required to do so safely was clearly under estimated. Please do keep a sense of humor about you during your visit. After all why take yourself so seriously as no one else is likely to. A contact graphic is below so feel free to pass along any feedback you feel appropriate. That said, just hang out and enjoy your visit!

Site Construction and Viewing Information:

 As of 11/1/2009 work had begun on this site and continued for 5 years. At this point I think there is enough content to keep your interest. The travel and project content here is no longer being updated. It remains as a reference to help other travelers. From time to time I still get emails with questions about projects. The motorcoach was sold in the Spring of 2015 after moving back into a house as of 12/2014. We have many fond memories of our travel years and the places we explored. Thousands of pictures were taken to document what we saw and experienced. Travel safely and enjoy!