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Work performed in the shop is charged out on a time plus materials basis.  Customers are required to cover the costs of shipping, freight and travel expenses (if any of these are part of a job).  I don't mark up materials and/or any outsourcing costs like plasma, laser or water jet cutting.  These would become part of a job's cost as they are charged to me.  Hourly rates vary from $25/hr to $100/hr depending on what type of work is being performed and the machine tools used.  Below is a table of tiered pricing and what type(s) of work typically are included:

Hourly Shop Rate Category Work Description
$25/hour Basic Simple repairs and fabrication.  No setup or machine tools used.  Rebuild or fixing a router would fall into this category.
$50/hour Standard CAD/CAM work, machine tool setup and general shop fabrication.  This rate covers about 80% of most jobs.  Custom panels, boxes and enclosures.  TIG and plastic welding operations.  Product sourcing and evaluation.
$75/hour Advanced Electronic design and prototyping.  PCB layout.  Two dimensional CNC machining.  Setup, hold downs and fixtures.  Accurate lathe turning work.  Software design and coding.
$100/hour Complex 3D layout, setup and CNC machining, expensive part modification and/or repair.  Complex fixture design.

No charges for travel to/from local customer businesses.

Handling money is important and I've found transparency avoids a lot of misunderstandings that can create discomfort. If you have questions about the above rates and how they will apply to your specific project(s) please feel free to call or email me at the contact information below.  Always happy to discuss customer needs and provide an estimate for services.

Money is important.

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