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Auto Stop
Carriage and brake mechanism for a cutoff saw stop.  This will be positioned by a single stepper motor and controlled from a dedicated MCU application.  The 1.5" x 3" aluminum extrusion is accurate enough to provide a cost effective linear bearing capable of over 10' of travel.
Bath Cage
Laboratory containment cage made from 18ga 304 stainless steel w/hinged lid.  Dimensions are 13" wide x 12.5 high x 17" deep.
Broken Part
Cast iron machine part support foot was broken.  Part was repaired using a silicon bronze TIG welding process.  New foot was machined from steel flat stock.
Attic Vent
Fan assisted vent system covering 30' of attic ridge.  A remote temperature sensor and RS-485 communications link is used to control the fans.  Attic temperature can be reduced to about 90F during hot Summer days.
Engraved Dials
Custom engraved instrument dials for a wall display unit.  Pointers were custom made also.  These are controlled via RS-485 equipped 23 frame stepper motors.  Dials are about 4" in diameter.
Door Hinge
Custom hinges made to replace broken ones for doors on squash courts in local college.  Aluminum was used instead of plastic in high stress areas to form a hybrid construction that could handle abuse.

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