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2nd Right Knee Surgery

Posted By: Muniac

2nd Right Knee Surgery - 11/09/14 09:53 AM

Back in mid September 2014 I began developing some pain in my right knee. Pain levels were significant enough to cause loss of mobility and interfere with my sleep. Needless to say, not fun.

I got both an X-Ray and MRI done in PA/NJ where we were staying at the time. This was arranged through my family doctor (Dr. Brian Smith) and friend. The X-Ray indicated an abnormal image and the MRI showed loose bits floating around in the joint.

Back in the OR again under Dr. Cooper's care. A great doctor!

I sent along the images to Comprehensive Orthopedics in SLC, UT to be evaluated. They were really good about working with me some 350 miles away. As a side note, Jeannie and I decided to head back to Montrose, CO for an indefinite stay.

A pre-op was scheduled for Wednesday November 5th. My surgery came down the next day and I had my post-op in Friday at 8:20a. We stayed in the Crystal Inn for 3 nights. Right after the post-op we headed back to Montrose which is about a 6 hour drive.

Still feeling a bit dizzy but much better overall.

The good news is I didn't need a knee replacement and everything was corrected via an arthroscopic procedure which will restore full usage of my knee. A bone spur was removed, loose cartilage was removed, a meniscus tear was stitched and some rough joint surfaces were smoothed. Following my recovery, Dr. Cooper says I can even do some skiing this winter albeit later in the season.

BIG thanks to Dr. Cooper, his staff and the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center and their staff for a job well done. I'm feeling much better now and in just 2 days can walk without crutches. I'm going easy for 2 weeks, however. Slow, easy and steady is the best way to keep this all moving forward.

Complete slide show HERE. (9 frames w/captions).

I need to scan the plates of the internal pictures of my knee.
Posted By: Jim

Re: 2nd Right Knee Surgery - 12/15/14 11:15 PM

Scott, I remember you telling me how much you liked this doctor and staff. Hope this have continued to progress in the right direction for you. Best Wishes!

Posted By: Muniac

Re: 2nd Right Knee Surgery - 12/16/14 11:30 PM

Jim - Thanks for the post. I'm doing pretty well as of late. Rehab takes time but is moving in the right direction slowly. I don't have the hours of pain after using it like I did before the surgery. I was glad to not have to undergo a knee replacement. The doc says all turned out fine and I should be able to do some skiing this season. We'll see how that goes. Don't want a return to the OR. So far so good. Take care.

Best - Scott