Owing to some concerns brought to my attention by other Allure owners, I decided to inspect our D/S main slide for problems. The common problems are broken shear bolts and stripped gears in the gear motor unit. We ship out in a couple of weeks and I always try to go over things before we need to clam up.

The driver's side main slide is unique in how it operates. The first several inches of the retract stroke requires the entire slide to lift up and over an incline. It's designed this way to level out the floor transition as much as possible. Getting this slide lifted up and over requires HUGE amounts of torque. There's enough torque during these few inches to break gears and shear things off.

Silicone lubricant helps this slide retract more easily.

To inspect the entire linkage you'll need to access the space above the fuel tank, storage bay under the slide and the propane bay. You want to inspect the shear bolts, drive shafts and rack and pinion gear assemblies. Also make sure the three cap screws are tight that hold the gear motor in place.

Gear motor unit is held in by three cap screws. They were loose on mine. FYI - $850 replacement cost when it fails.

The cap screws are located in the propane bay. Use a 1/2" socket to tighten them.

Rearward rack and pinion assembly. All looks good.

Access panel located in storage bay has 14 screws in it.

After removing the access panel you'll see the front rack and pinion assembly. All looks good.

Surprise fuel leak. The factory could have done better here.

I needed to tighten the three cap screws as they were slightly loose. All the shear bolts appeared to be in good shape as did the drive shafts and rack and pinion assemblies. If one of these bolts break, then only one end of the slide will come in. This isn't a good idea and a repair would require realigning the slide racks. I can't see inside the gear box on the Power Gear unit so I'll take my chances with that.

I've used the term "shear bolt" somewhat loosely as I noticed these bolts are normal grade hardware. Except for a small fuel leak, this inspection didn't reveal any problems. But one needs to check these things out to make sure.

Owing to how this slide retracts I think it's a great idea to use silicone lubricant between the sliding surfaces. It helps reduce torque and allows the slide to come in more easily than it would dry. Less torque means prolonging the life of the gear motor unit too ($850 for a new one). I understand Power Gear won't talk to you so replacement parts need to be procured through a third party. A slide that won't retract means being stranded. We all hope this never happens.

Keep tabs on your equipment and try to be proactive with repairs and/or replacements. With the access panel removed you can see the fuel tank. Inspect it and the hoses for leaks. I found an insignificant bleeding leak. Not a big deal but I wish the factory would do better. Sometimes it's a good idea to keep spare parts in stock for immediate usage.

Complete slide show HERE. (7 frames w/captions)
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