Imported spray gun worked well for small touch up project. I needed to get another gun for spraying larger areas. I also needed the airline regulator so this sale DOES NOT INCLUDE the airline regulator. You'll need to supply that or use the gun with an already regulated air supply.

Lightly used mini HVLP spray gun. Includes gun, feed cup, wrench, brush, barb fitting and instructions. DOES NOT INCLUDE airline regulator. Used once for small project. Excellent condition. Made in China. $36/new.

Spray gun and feed cup. Air supply connection on gun is 1/4" NPT male fitting. DOES NOT INCLUDE airline regulator.

I needed the airline regulator off this gun for another spray gun. So once again, this sale DOES NOT INCLUDE an airline regulator.

Asking $30 which includes UPS shipping to the lower 48 states. Please contact me if you are interested and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once that gets paid, I'll ship the product to you. Thanks for reading.

Larger photos HERE and HERE.

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