Jeannie and I haven't been sliding in some 22 months since the Park City experience concluded. Last year we wanted to try Brian Head but never got up there. So today (Thursday 2/13/2014) we decided to drive up from St. George, Utah to Brian Head. It's an easy drive that takes about 90 minutes.

Brian Head Ski Resort is a small intimate place that turned out to be really fun to ski. Conditions were excellent even through snow fall is off for the season. No crowds or lift lines to deal with and the people were very nice. We skied around for about 4 hours in the afternoon and hit Brian Head Peak area (11k feet elevation) and Navajo Peak (10.5k feet elevation). It was cool and slightly windy making it perfect weather to ski in.

Jeannie near the Giant Steps trail.

We had a really nice time up there and are looking forward to going back again soon. Our day pass was $54 per person. They have limited night skiing too. You can upgrade your ticket for $8.

Slide show HERE.

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