Finally finished the C code to use the GLCD library to build a real time clock and calendar application. Kind of a novel project to use the GLCD functions and showcase them in a more realistic application.

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RTCC as shown on a 128x64 graphics LCD. The GLCD library was used to generate all the displays and menus.

The photo above shows the main clock/calendar display. I've used an Intersil ISL12022M RTCC chip. This chip has an internal temperature controlled crystal which makes the clock very accurate. The temperature shown on the display (73F) is coming from the chip's internal temperature sensor. The top line shows the alarm setting. Otherwise the data shown is the normal date and time.

I built a simple navigation switch to use as the input device. This allows complete access to the menus and settings.

Video of clock display, menus and settings.

A slide show of all the menu screens is HERE. (10 frames w/captions).

The RTCC C program is available free for download HERE. Scroll down to the source code and header file area. Enjoy!

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