LL Bean usually has pretty good products and their camp side table is no exception. You can see the product on their web site HERE.

We have two of these tables which we've used for the past year in a variety of applications. They are well designed and extremely handy when you need quick temporary table space. They work well when you have company stop by and need some extra table space. Jeannie and I use them for cookouts in remote locations after a ride. Also good when projects require some extra space. They setup and break down quickly. When folded down they don't take much storage space either. So they're great for motor home applications.

This is a really nice table!

A small downside is the anodized aluminum in the table top itself is light gauge to keep the weight down. So don't plan on using this table as a workbench. It will dent easily if abused. A work around is to place a sheet of cardboard on top to protect the aluminum. That would allow it to hold tools if you want to go there. If you're looking for a nice folding table, you won't be disappointed with this product.

Complete slide show HERE. (6 frames w/captions).

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