Jeannie and I take regular daily body weights. Usually before going to bed and in the morning. We were on the hunt for a nice scale that could work into the living space of the bus. After some research, we located the Eat Smart Scale. It's put out by EatSmart Products. At the time of this posting, our scale is 18 months old.

A really nice product!

We purchased ours through Amazon for around $30. Amazon, of course, provided its usual excellent service.

The scale we were looking for needed to be attractive, cost effective, compact, durable, accurate and store within a small thin space. This scale met all of those requirements. It's accurate to within 2/10 of a pound which is amazing. It's intended to be left in the same place on the bathroom floor. Our situation prevents using it this way. The scale will recalibrate each time it's moved. An automatic process that takes about 15 seconds.

The scale stores nicely between drawer tier and shower.

If you're looking for a nice portable scale for your bus this one will work very well. We've used ours for 18 months and have nothing but good things to say about it. Ours even came with a body tape measure. Here's wishing everyone good health.

Complete slide show HERE. (2 frames w/captions).

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