Today (Wed June 11th 2014) both Kevin and master chassis mechanic Steve came to our site for some repairs I had requested. These included replacing the dehydration drier and front A/C unit.

I have a ramp system which worked fine to elevate the rear of the bus to access the dehydration unit. It's around the rear axle area. Parts were ordered in advance but due to Country Coach not providing accurate build sheets, the dehydration unit was incorrect. Steve located the proper part number off the unit and Jeannie made a trip into Eugene to get the replacement cartridge. While she was running that errand, Kevin, Steve and myself removed the old A/C unit. Using a simple rope sling we were able to get the old unit down on the ground safely and the new unit hoisted up on the roof. These weigh about 100 Lbs and are somewhat clumsy to handle. That said, we didn't have any problems.

I cleaned the old gasket surface off so as to ensure a proper seal with the new gasket. We needed to use the old control box over again which required a slight change in the mounting. Not a problem. The new A/C unit is advertised as a direct replacement for the old unit. This means all the wires hook up as before. However, the mounting screws were too short and wouldn't work with the new A/C unit. We solved the problem by making new ones with threaded rod and 1/4-20 elastic stop nuts. These worked fine and will keep things in place until the new screws arrive. I think the A/C manufacturer (AirXcel) should have done better on this detail.

The whole process took about 4 hours to complete both jobs. That to include some of the setbacks mentioned above.

I was very pleased with the knowledge, work ethic and professionalism of both Kevin and Steve. Some jobs go smoother than others and this one had a few challenges. But they were handled properly allowing the work to get done in a reasonable length of time without compromising the quality of the job. I would highly recommend Kevin and Steve for any and all RV service items. In my case, we were able to handle the work as a field repair. Depending on what you need done, this may not always be possible.

Kevin can be contacted HERE. I also support him on this blog. Helping quality small business owners succeed is important.

The A/C unit is a Mach style AirXcel model 47024A876 S/N: 130311200. I hope it performs well.

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