We rolled out of the KOA in Cheyenne around 8:30a (Monday 6/30/2014) headed for Pine Grove RV Park in Nebraska about 20 miles east of Lincoln. Another long day covering 464 miles. We fueled up at Shoemaker's Truck Stop which went well. This trip we found a nice level spacious truck parking area for lunch. The bus ran well, the weather was good and the trip uneventful. As I log this, we're all setup in site #38 for 5 nights. We've been given instructions should a tornado occur. Head for the bathhouse in the center section which is the strongest part of the building. A query of the weather looks like we'll avoid a tornado this time.

Parked in site #38 after 464 miles. Glad to take a break from the road.

We needed some blocks under the front tires to ease the leveling. Water pressure is good, electricity is good, sewer is downhill and the internet is fast. Looks like this should be a nice quiet trouble free stay.
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