Our 2006 Country Coach Allure has been insured under a full-timer's policy (included purchase price guarantee) with National Interstate for 5 years (6/2/2009 through 6/2/2014). Fortunately, we have never had a need to issue any claims. With that said each year the premium increased quite a bit except in 2011 when it actually went down 0.7%.

A summary of the premium increases are as follows:
2010: Up 10.2%
2011: Down 0.7%
2012: Up 8.3%
2013: Up 8.7%
2014: Up 29.3%

The largest increases were with comprehensive and collision. They are:

2010: No increase
2011: Down 0.9%
2012: Up 10.6%
2013: Up 89.0%
2014: Up 31.9%

2010: No increase
2011: Down 1.0%
2012: Up 14.4%
2013: Up 7.3%
2014: Up 27.9%

Due to dissatisfaction with these increases we wanted to work with an agent that would understand our needs, assist with lowering our premiums and also be able to develop a work relationship. We had been working with PoliSeek AIS Insurance Solutions and one knows the deal. Every time you call you get a different person on the phone. So, friends of ours (thanks Ede & Bob!!!) referred us to Gina Shaver at Epic Insurance in Sioux Falls SD. Within a few moments of speaking with Gina we knew we were in good hands. Gina quickly produced a few quotes from several other insurance companies for comparison purposes. With the 29.3% increase in 2014 it was obvious we were going to switch insurance companies.

After gathering the information and tweaking the policies we decided to switch from National Interstate to Blue Sky. In comparison, the premiums effective 6/2/2014 were:

National Interstate

$3,505 with Purchase Price Guarantee
$2,520 without Purchase Price Guarantee but with increased liability limits
Note: our Purchase Price Guarantee was to expire effective 1/1/2016

Blue Sky

$1,766 without Purchase Price Guarantee and with same increase in liability limits as NI policy
Note: our deductible went back to $1,000 but will diminish over 3 years

Switching to Blue Sky was administratively easy. Their paperwork and email communications were very clear and well organized.

In summary, Gina has been a total pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and understanding to our requirements and extremely knowledgeable in the insurance industry. We would recommend Gina to anyone for all their insurance needs. Her contact information is:

Gina Shaver
Epic Insurance
5032 S. Bur Oak Place, Suite #130
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
(605) 271 8100 office
(605) 929 1333 cell
(605) 271 8898 fax