Jeannie and I finally got out to do some local sliding. During a scenic drive, we checked out Monarch Mountain and Powder Horn both of which are in Colorado. Monarch Mountain is close to Monarch Pass and Powder Horn is on the Grand Junction side of the Grand Mesa. Both of these resorts are about 1:50 from us. Not around the corner but doable in day's outing.

Enjoying some sliding at Powder Horn.

We decided to hit Powder Horn first. Very nice place and they have a late afternoon pass for $26. It runs from 2-4 which was fine. I had my knee operated on back in early November so I've been doing the rehab thing getting it back in shape.

The smile is hiding a lot of pain.

Not knowing how the knee was going to perform we felt it best to go for the abbreviated session. I'm happy to report that the knee performed well. First time out and on an experimental basis, we didn't push it. We did, however, ski greens, blues and blacks. Sadly the resort was plagued with thin cover so the glades weren't an option. The main line runs had to be skied carefully to avoid rocks, dirt and grass poking through. It sounds worse that it really was as we found some really enjoyable skiing there. Especially in the West End area. This was the first time either of us did any skiing in Colorado. Powder Horn is a place we'd come back to for sure. Next week we're going to try to hit Monarch Mountain.

The van is in the body shop owing to connecting with a deer along route 50 at Blue Mesa Reservoir. Headlight, parking light and front fender took the brunt of the hit. It could have been much worse. Jeannie was driving and she did a good job of carefully redirecting the van so as not to take the hit head on. This could have easily resulted in a serious accident and a totaled van. This is deer #6 and the worst of the lot.

Complete slide show HERE. (13 frames w/captions)
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