Hi everyone!

About Us:

Jeannie and I (Scott) moved in on December the 2nd 2014. After a somewhat tough and disappointing year looking all over the country for a place to dig some roots in we found a nice little place off of County Road 22 in Log Hill Mesa. It's our new home now and we're glad to be a part of the diverse community of residents living here. Both of us are looking forward to meeting everyone and hope we can bring some value added to the neighborhood.

Our Blog Idea:

I thought it might be a good idea to create an internet based forum (blog) that any and all residents of Log Hill Mesa could become a part of. A forum will help by making the exchange of information relating to living on Log Hill Mesa quick and easy. A united community is one that can function better, get things done and improve the quality of life. Helping out a neighbor certainly isn't a new idea. Technology, for better or worse, simply offers us new ways we can communicate. I look at technology not as a replacement or substitute for traditional interactions between people but a way to extend the value each of us brings to our community.


Security is a concern for everyone these days. It seems everytime you turn around someone has hacked into a database and stollen personal information. Identity theft is a growing concern too. Irresponsible data mining is also going on which sells personal information for marketing schemes and who knows whatelse. This blog is run by a Log Hill Mesa resident and remains on a private server. It isn't part of a large database managed by a distant team. That said, it's reasonably secure. As this idea develops the sensitive forums will be made private. What that means is they won't be visible to anyone browsing the blog. Only registered participants will have access to these areas. Feel free to call me any time with questions and/or concerns. My initial thoughts are to have most of this forum remain private. Registrations to the forum will be done by hand. This allows the proper level of scrutiny to ensure only residents of Log Hill Mesa with legitimate intentions can register.

I had planned on including a classified section as well as a professional services directory. Obviously these threads would be public. In other words, anyone in the world could visit the blog and see the information contained within. It's basically an electronic street sign. Pictures, descriptions and contact information can be included at the author's discretion.

As for the outdoor thread, which includes hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, biking, motorcycle rides, picnics, parties, gatherings, etc. I'm not sure what level of security is appropriate. I'm open to suggestions. The idea is to post here if you have some plans that you'd like to include other like minded people in.

PM System:

The blog software I'm using include a private messaging system within it. This is basically an email system the runs between registered participants. In other words, you can send and receive messages privately. Their content isn't visible anywhere on the main blog or to anyone other than the recipient. This is a very handy system to stay in touch with your neighbors.

Accessing The Blog:

There's no special software needed to access this blog. All that's required is a PC or MAC running a reasonbly current browser. Linux based system are fine too.

General Content:

Visiting the main blog page will show all the forums available. I've left these openly visible so that people can see what's going on. As people come on board some of these will be made private and not visible to guests. I've expanded on a couple forums below as an example of how they may be used in helpful ways.

Both County Road 1 and 22 need some attention and monitoring. I've included a thread to discuss the issues relating to these access roads. It may help all of us enter and exit our homes more easily.

State, county and town issues relating to home ownership can become another thread. It's always good to know what's going on and be able to mobilize residents quickly should something need attention. In some cases it might be enough to just make an announcement of an issue or situation. A forum like this would making reaching residents quick and easy.


Anyway, that's my idea. I'm looking for any input on this so we can setup the forum up in the best possible way. Feel free to contact either Jeannie or me (Scott). Stop by to chat if you'd like that better (please call first).

If you search the web you'll likely find a few web sites out there presenting Log Hill Mesa content. I've listed some below:

Log Hill Mesa History - www.loghillhistory.com
Log Hill Mesa Weather - www.loghill.com
Log Hill Mesa Wikipedia Listing - Wikipedia

Thanks in advance for any help/support you're able to provide.
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