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The post below is the master index for popular blog content: This blog has become my diary to document projects and activity I've engaged in over the years. The goal is to share helpful information with others. The internet content creators have been a HUGE help to me so I felt compelled to put some content back. The Project Forum has many pages of threads which detail projects, problems, fixes, memory joggers and solutions. Feel free to explore all that's here. Some of the content goes back to 2013 and may be obsolete but it remains just in case it may have value to someone.

Press Brake Contents (Drawings, spreadsheets & models)
Blender Resources
Rotary Encoder Dial Interface
Rotary Encoder Dial Interface Finished PCB (video)
Rotary Encoder Input Example (video)
Rotary Encoder Thread (important details and updates)
Under Cabinet Lighting Thread

Software Reference:

Below is a list of the recommended software tools I use to support the projects presented here. They are available for all platforms and have performed well.

GNU Image Manipulation Program
InkScape Vector Drawing Program
FreeCAD 3D Parametric Modeler
Blender Animation Program
Open Broadcast Software (OBS For capturing screen video.)
Audacity Audio Editing Program
LibreCAD 2D Drawing Program
KdenLive Video Editing Program
KiCad PCB Design Program
LMMS Music Creation

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