I'm using Real Thunder release date 2022-10-21 V2022.1021 If you get errors installing (from the Tools->Addon manager) the Sheet Metal WB per below:

16:32:32 GitPython not found. Using standard download instead.
16:32:32 Downloading https://github.com/shaise/FreeCAD_SheetMetal/archive/master.zip

You can work around this with the following manual install:

1) Search on freecad sheetmetal workbench github which will bring you to github code. Or click HERE.
2) Hit the green code button and select Dowload ZIP.
3) You'll end up with the file FreeCAD_SheetMetal-master.zip in your download folder.
4) Unzip that file which will create a folder/directory named FreeCAD_SheetMetal-master
5) Navigate to .FreeCAD/Mod and paste the downloaded unzipped folder in #4 into this folder.
6) You should see .FreeCAD/Mod/FreeCAD_SheetMetal-master when inspecting the Mod folder.
7) This installs the Sheet Metal WB in FreeCAD.

This will also fix problems you might be experiencing with using the unfold tool. Errors that crop up and prevent the Unfold_Sketch getting created.

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