Am I crazy? Maybe. But that's ok. I've always been a non-conformist and consider it kind of a badge of honor. I try to think and live my life "out-of-the-box" so to speak. My name is Ken. This is the first post of many regarding my intention to live in a diesel-pusher motorcoach through an Alberta winter. Yes, it can get very cold here in the winter but it can also be fairly mild and everything in between. How cold? At least once or twice through every winter here it will drop to -30C or -35C. As a yardstick for you -40 is the same temperature in either the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. VERY cold. Luckily it only usually lasts for a few days or a week at those very cold temps and usually will average around -15C (5 F) Here is a temp converter for my American friends. The location I will be doing this gets quite a bit of snow. Once winter sets in that coach ain't coming out until spring. I'm looking forward to this. I think it's going to be fun. I hope you will find it entertaining and I'm sure we'll all garner some useful knowledge.

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