Hi folks. I can post. Someone has been blocking me from posting but I have figured out work-a-rounds. I really don't know why someone would do such a thing but sadly it is the case. Honestly, I haven't had much to post lately. I've been still working on my graveling job although I was seriously delayed for a number of days due to huge amounts of rain. As of today I am working on the last half of the last pile of gravel. It has been a lot of work but I enjoy manual labor. Especially the kind where you can see the results. The only other thing of note lately is that I rigged up my water tote tank to be an external water supply for the coach. I now have hot and cold running water in the coach again. I'll post some pics very soon. Maybe tomorrow. I can hear people asking "Why not just find and repair the break?" The answer is because once I disassemble that utility bay all my water and sewer system is down. I have always still used the gray tank and have actually been using the black tank again just recently. Like I said early in this blog---I am not a real handyman type of guy. I can take things apart pretty well but I am really not adept at fixing or fabricating things. What would take me days or weeks to figure out and fix on my own will probably be an afternoon undertaking if I am patient and wait for help from my brother Scott. Yes, I am spoiled in that regard but I have been trying to improve. It`s just been easier for me to get along with simple work-a-rounds up to this point and I have been living comfortably doing so.