Today is Sunday (7/20/2014) which is day 9 of our stay. Looks like we'll be rolling out on Tuesday or Wednesday weather permitting. This campground has been a nice stop for us and quiet. My main goal for the Ohio stop was to meet with RE Smith ( to discuss the possibility of me developing some software for several new products he's developing. The meetings went well and I had a chance to meet everyone, get a close look at the new boards, discuss product ideas and provide some help with the MPLAB IDE. Nothing definite has developed yet given the product completion dates are some weeks away. The door remains open, however, for a future business relationship to develop.

Jeannie and I are both looking forward to getting setup in our extended stay spot. This last push is going to be 520+ miles which is the longest of any of the legs we've done going back to Westfir, Oregon.

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