Ok, I took some fresh pictures this afternoon while I was waiting for the car to warm up for a trip into the city. These pics are basically showing what I was describing in the above posts. First up is the propane tank that will be my new wood stove. The big piece of pipe will have about a 2 foot section lopped off of it to be welded to a hole in the top of the tank for a solid chimney. It is a 6 inch pipe so the rest of the stove pipe chimney should attach ok. Luckily enough the diameter of the tank seems to be 24"---the same as the oil drum. Perfect!

Here is a shot of the inside of the current oil drum wood stove. Note the sand pile under the chimney and the roof of the barrel caving in. Also notice the fine grey ash in the bottom of the stove. This thing burns so hot there are no chunks of anything left over.

This is a picture of the bricks surrounding the chimney stack. The bricks actually lay on top of the sand under the plywood. I just stacked them up from there and sealed them a bit with high temperature mortar sealant. Works.

Next up is a good picture of my skirting. You can see the dowl pins poking up out of the 2x4's. The pins are in pairs--one on each side of the styrofoam. I also glued foam tubing along the upper inside top of the foam boards but it was kind of a waste of time really. Notice I also painted the foam boards to match the coach (sort of). The other nice thing about this skirting method is the whole thing can be disassembled and stored in a baggage bay.

This is a shot of my new Sentra and also a collection of wood crates and pallets I have brought home from work for outside fires.

These next two pictures are from the aftermath of a massive snowstorm that came through on September 10th!. Yes you read it right--September 10th. Crazy. The city got it just as bad. Since all the trees were still in full leaf it did major destruction unfortunately. Although I had many trees bowed over out here I didn't have many broken ones. The city of Calgary however lost thousands and thousands of trees. Very sad.