I'm going to take a minute here to comment on this coach. Again. It deserves the compliments I give it. This coach was not sold or marketed as a "four season" coach. If anyone can say that it is and has proven that it is it's me. Sure it should be skirted and yes I supplement the Aquahot heating system with electric heaters and my wood heating ideas BUT this coach could hold its own with its own equipment. It holds its temperature quite well and the Aquahot can provide plenty of heat--just feed it diesel. I use the electric heaters and the wood heating setup to heat more cost effectively and also to keep the wear and tear down on the aquahot system. I have never been cold in this coach. Even at 40 below zero. I will mention again that I believe it makes a huge difference not having slide-outs. I would not want to try this kind of harsh winter living in a slide-out coach. I think it would be just too hard to keep it comfortably warm in extreme cold.
I have read that this vintage (mine is a '97) of Monaco coaches are known to be quality built solid coaches. No argument from me at all on that. I have several cupboard door latches that have broken--that is a common problem on these coaches. I need a couple of new baggage door gas struts. My drivers seat side window is foggy between the dual-pane glass (common also). I'm struggling to think of what else. I do currently have an issue with the generator. I was using it one evening a couple months ago and it suddenly stopped generating electricity. The engine runs fine--just no power. My brother started to check it out but we need to fire up the coach and get the air suspension to raise up so as to get access to the back end of the generator. We're not sure what's up with it at this point.
In closing tonight let me say that I'm still having fun with this lifestyle. Yes, it involves some hard work but I think it's worth it. It is a very peaceful and beautiful place to live. I'm still single and I don't often get visitors but I'm not the type to get lonely. In fact I don't think I really know the meaning of that word. I like the solitude most of the time.