I have forgotten to mention that even with the duct fan off I get a fair amount of convection heating up the pipe from the heat battery. Once the fan gets the air circulating out of the coach, down into the battery and then back up and into the coach that circulation continues even with the fan off being that heat rises of course. This morning as I left for work I put about 5 decent sized split wood pieces into the stove and hot coals. I dampered down the stove and went to work. I have the programmable timer set to gradually be on less and less throughout a weekday as I am not home to stoke the fire. Tonight when I got home there was still pretty warm air (75-80F?) wafting out of the duct into my coach. Not bad as it was a fairly cold day today---about -10C.
I need to cut down some more dead trees as my summer stockpile is dwindling. This weekend probably.