This post tonight is in recognition of what is THE most important thing I have discovered....well maybe ever. This month it will be two years since I quit smoking. As mentioned in my previous "winter" blog I was able to do it by switching to electronic cigarettes. Using electronic cigarettes is not smoking--period. There are no tobacco products involved. Nicotine is not a tobacco product. It is a drug in the same class as caffein. There can be nicotine in electronic cigarette liquid and there is in mine. Nicotine is not what will kill you from cigarette smoking----it is the tar and noxious gases and chemicals. I feel great---my breathing and stamina is as good as a non-smoker in my opinion. For some strange reason the best answer to quitting smoking that has ever been invented keeps getting a bad rap in the media and by non-smokers. This is pure insanity. PLEASE don't let misinformation about this product ruin its availability to smokers. It really is a matter of life and death. From my heart I believe this product has saved mine.