My only utility bill is my electric bill and it was about 135.00 last month. We have been having a fairly mild winter again this year but I have seen -20C several times. I have not been able to shower at the dealership I work at this year because the shower plumbing sprung a leak and dumped water into the showroom LOL! Management wasn't keen on spending the money to fix it at the current time so I shower in my coach. My water availability situation has improved however as I have found that I can buy water from a dispenser at a water treatment plant only about 10 minutes from my place. It works by credit card and is very cheap. About 1.50 for filling my 60 gallon transfer tank. I just use this water for showering and doing dishes. I buy water in big plastic jugs from the grocery store to use for drinking and cooking.
I don't use the black water tank in the coach at all in the winter. I use the porta-potty for pee and use the toilet in the old mobile home for crap. When I dump the grey water tank in the coach using my macerator pump I fill empty water jugs with grey water and then store them on top of the heat battery. Then I use them to fill the toilet tank in the old mobile home so I can flush the toilet after use. After using the toilet I dump winter windshield washer fluid or RV antifreeze in the toilet bowl to keep things clear and unfrozen until next use. If I think I'm going to be using the toilet in the old trailer I run an electric heater in there for a while first to warm things up a bit.
I feel that I am pretty well set up here now overall and am quite comfortable.