Hi people---friends. It is obvious that I have lost the necessary interest in maintaining this blog in recent times. I still live the same way in the same place and will continue to do so as long as I am able. I did purchase my own domain with the intention of transferring this entire blog over to it but it has proven to be very time consuming and my interest is weak. The domain is www.oldrebel.net and I may use it in the future. I'm just not sure at the present time. I know that the owner of this site you are reading this on has had a change in lifestyle and wishes to update this forum accordingly. I get that. Thank-you Scott and Jeannie for letting me post my thoughts and adventures here. I really appreciate it and it has been an excellent and enjoyable learning experience. Thank-you also to the people who took an interest in what I was posting and have continued to follow the blog. I have been quite surprised at how it kind of chain-reacted into so many views. I tried to keep things interesting and not boring or too repetitive and it was getting harder to do that after I became settled into the lifestyle I have here. Remember---"Why be normal--normal is boring"
Sincerely, Ken M. OldRebel