Anyone who has read this blog completely knows that I have to haul in water to my coach. I used to haul it from my place of work in the city during winter and from a local campground dump station in the summer. That changed about a year ago, thankfully. I met a local fellow who told me about a water treatment/fill station that is only about a 10 minute drive from my place. It is an un-manned operation and is run by credit card. I just needed to get the appropriate hose and fittings to use it. It is very cheap. I fill up my 60 gallon tote for 1.43. Here are pictures of the whole operation including how I fill the coach. I use a 12 volt rv water pump to transfer the water from the tank to the coach. I changed the wiring for the pump to have a 12 volt plug that fits into a booster pack. I have a different connector that I attach to the tank for attaching a garden hose to transfer the water to the coach. Notice also that I use those Gardenia hose quick-connects. These pictures were taken last February.