Hi all. It was a nice weekend here. We have had a very nice, mainly mild, fall and early winter. Very little snowfall yet.
I had an exciting wildlife encounter yesterday I want to tell you about but unfortunately there are no pictures. I walked down my driveway yesterday about mid-morning carrying the game camera I place near the gate. When I was within about 50 feet from the gate I stepped off the side of the driveway and was deciding if a spruce tree there was a good new spot for my camera. Suddenly I heard the crashing sound of breaking branches straight ahead from the direction of my gate. A huge Bull Moose with the classic full rack of antlers and two full sized cow moose came jogging out from the bush across from my gate! They stopped momentarily on the road just outside the gate while the big guy scoped things out and decided direction. I froze of course. I was only about probably 70 or 80 feet away from them and I was on foot with no weapon of any kind. Moose can be quite dangerous if they are surprised or grumpy. I had adjusted my position slightly so that I was behind the small spruce tree a bit more.
All three then set off into the forest beside my gate---to my right at this point as I was on the first section of my driveway facing the gate. I heard a big twanging noise as one of them hit the wire fence that is out there by the road but out of my view. It was the big bull. He backed up onto the road and into my view again. He stopped, had a quick look at the fence, and then charged through again. Then I heard the three of them bashing and thumping through the forest off to my right. I could see a little bit of movement here and there as they passed through only about 80 feet way.
I could feel some adrenaline for sure. Although I had seen big moose before I had always been in a protective place like a vehicle. To be that close to them and on foot was a new experience for me. I sure wish I had pictures. That bull was huge--- a real Bullwinkle. Being that close made me feel like I was in Jurassic Park, LOL.
I was quite surprised at how fast they were moving through the forest. They weren't just walking through--more like a forceful trotting speed. Literally crashing through the bushes and branches. Very cool.
After I mounted the camera I turned to walk back up the driveway to the coach. Of course I was looking and listening for the Big Three. I heard noises and saw the butt end of one of them going through the trees to the northwest. That was the last I saw of them. They were travelling at such a rate with their very long legs that they would cover a good number of miles in no time at all. Thrilling to see.