I changed out all the camera SD cards a short time ago. Unfortunately I have nothing worthwhile to show you believe it or not. A couple of deer and a lot of video of my neighbor on his snowmobile. I adjusted the one camera so that it is directly facing the deer carcass. I'll probably get a lot of video of crows but we'll see. I might check that camera again tomorrow afternoon.
There is a snowfall warning here for tonight and tomorrow morning. It is also going to get cold again in the week ahead. I filled my water tank today and dumped my waste tanks. It was a fairly nice day today at just several degrees below zero Celsius.
I bought another camera on ebay last night, LOL. I guess it's becoming an addiction. I wanted another no-glow camera that took better video than my Trophy Cam No Glow Aggressor. I decided on the Browning Spec Ops Platinum model. It takes terrific 1080p video and has a very fast trigger speed which is unusual for video. About .6 of a second. That's very fast. My Bushnell cameras take about two seconds before they start recording video after a motion trigger. They are, however, lightning fast when taking stills.The Browning is reported as sub-par for stills so it will only be used for video. I won't have the new Browning for probably a week or two (or more) as it is being shipped to Eureka, Montana. I'm not keen on doing another "mail run" just yet. No more camera purchases. I'll be happy with my fleet of five unless one breaks.
I will post again tomorrow afternoon and at the very least I will post some nice stills after the snow.

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