Hi friends. I lost my Mum today. She was ninety years old. She was born in Scotland but immigrated to Canada on her own in 1951. A brave adventurous lass. Like all Mums (Mum is British/Scottish compared to Mom--she hated the Mom spelling,lol) she understood her children. She has always understood my rebelliousness and my need to be different. She would sometimes tell people about how, when I was about only two, that I wanted to camp out underneath the basement stairs by myself. An undeveloped basement--concrete walls and floors. She let me, figuring I wouldn't last too long. She was wrong. She ended up going down to the basement in the middle of the night to drag me back upstairs. Please have a shot of Scotch tonight in memory of a great lady. Isobel. Here is a favorite picture I have of her from 1959. That is me with her.

[Linked Image from i1288.photobucket.com]

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