We had another two week cold snap here and for one of those weeks I had pulled the cameras inside again. The previous week to that I had almost no wildlife shots at all. Certainly no cougars. It's like they moved to a different area for a bit. I'm sure they will be back. I put the cameras out again this past Sunday and will check them this weekend. We have had a classic southern Alberta Chinook this week and temperatures have soared up into the teens (C) here. It was plus 13C (55 F) in the shade at my place this afternoon according to my weather station. Snow is melting like crazy and the city and roads are a sloppy mess. Loving it! Anyways, one of my co-workers told me about a friend of his who has had cougar visitors at his rural property in the Dewinton area which is also southwest of Calgary. About 10 miles from me. These two pictures were taken with his security cameras while he is away on vacation.