Hi friends. I haven't posted for the last few weeks mainly because I haven't had anything worthwhile to post. Even though I have five cameras out now ( the newest one just this week) there has been a real lack of wildlife around here lately. The last cougar picture was of that one who stuck his face in the camera. They do wander I understand. I've had several deer pics and a quickie of a moose but nothing special. There have been several decent snowfalls here and we had another cold snap for a week or so. Dropping dead trees, bucking them up, splitting and burning wood has mostly been about it. I'm looking forward to checking all cams this weekend. Especially that new one. I placed it in a new spot so fingers crossed. It had a real quality feel to it right out of the box. It is supposed to be top notch on 1080p video. We'll see. I have managed to keep all my quad trails open through the winter so far. Hopefully I can post something cool for you to see soon.