Hi readers. I figured I should post an update since it's been a while----again. With spring upon us here finally the wildlife around here has been returning. No cougars though. I did get several videos of a couple of moose, a large skunk and a startled fox. The fox was surprised by the glow from one of the Bushnell Elite glow cameras. One of the moose is quite a large cow and was captured by the new Browning 1080p camera. Unfortunately I have not been able to successfully upload the videos to my photobucket account in order to link to them for you to see. I don't know why yet. It's possible that photobucket may be blocking me from doing that because of bandwidth useage by multiple viewers but that is just a guess. I have recently (last weekend) switched two of my cameras back to taking photos instead of videos so that I can at least show you something. The newest camera (the Browning) will continue to take videos as it really excels at that. My oldest camera, which is a Moultrie, quit working several weeks ago so one of my two Bushnell HD Elite cams is performing security detail now. It is positioned so that it may also grab some wildlife shots.
I have not been burning wood for heat for at least 3 weeks now. I could use the free heat at night as it still drops below zero but I can't shut it off during the daytime and the coach would roast inside. Daytime temps can climb into the teens Celsius. I think I burned less wood this year than any previous year as I have been continuously learning the most efficient ways to make use of my heat battery setup.
Stay tuned. I hope to be able to post at least some stills soon.