We had a fairly big spring snowstorm yesterday. Even though much of it melted as it hit the ground it did eventually leave several inches by the time it was done. It is a beautiful sunny day today (about 10C) so I just went out for a sloppy quad ride to switch out the SD cards in the cams. Down by the lake in the far corner of the property I came across these very large canine prints! I believe these were probably created within the last few hours. I took these with my iphone. Hopefully you have the ability to zoom them if desired. The size of the prints and the long stride in places makes me think they may be wolf prints. I put a hand print in the snow beside one to give you an idea. I was very wary following these tracks into the trees on one of my trails!

I'm going to check what is on the SD cards now and will post again if I have something interesting.