All future posts will be on my own website at I purchased this website some time ago but when I tried to transfer this entire blog to the new site I did not have great success doing so. At the time it was easier to just keep posting to the blog here. However, the time has come where I switch to my own site. It may take a period of time before I get fully underway on the new site but please bookmark and check in for new posts. I have said before how thrilled I am at the following I have attained on this blog and I would really hate to lose that. I realize that I don't post as often as when I first started this adventure but I think you all realize that I respect your time and I try to only post worthwhile things to say or see. Thank you to Scott and Jeannie for letting me post this blog here for as long as they have. Hopefully the archives here can remain for reference for the future. It is just too big a job for me to transfer all the material to a new site. I hope to see you all checking my latest posts at All you viewers feel like friends to me somehow. I hope you continue to follow my adventures. ....Ken M.