I'm still living out here at Bragg Creek in my coach. I posted several times on the new site but I have let it die really. In a way I suppose it might be a shame but I have had trouble keeping the blogging interest up from my end.
It's almost -20 here tonight. The heat battery is burning full tilt and I have three electric heaters going. I'm always warm enough. It's a great coach.
I realize it is easy for me to have come to the point where my life out here has now become common-place to me but still holds the imagination of fresh readers who have recently discovered this site. It is still often spectacular and city people who know me and my lifestyle here will occasionally confide to me their envy. It is hard work though. No doubt about it. You have to keep on top of things--make sure you minimize the chances of equipment failure and disaster. It is worth it though. While others may not understand the desire to live out here like this it just suits me to a tee. smile Merry Christmas!---OldRebel